Jimmy Mars Goes Back-to-Back at Scheffler Memorial





Jimmy Mars cools off Simpson for win at 7th Annual George Scheffler Memorial

The slick smooth surface of Oshkosh Speedzone Raceway suited Jimmy Mars as he lived up to being the “Ice Man” in front of the home town Wisconsin fans. While early leaders Dave Eckrich and Chris Simpson battled up front to take the prize back to Iowa, Mars who started 7th was working his way to the front of the field of Corn Belt Clash Hot Rods. Before long he passed Chris Simpson who looked to have another victory in sight. Jimmy Mars worked the heavy traffic that the caution less feature produced and won his second straight George Scheffler Memorial.

The racing was exciting throughout the field with all competitors battling for every position. Chris Simpson held on for 2nd with Mitch McGrath on his tail to grab 3rd place. Chad Simpson started 11th and worked his way around the maze of traffic to take 4th and Nick Anvelink rounded out the top 5.

41 cars signed in.
Heat Race Winners: Dave Eckrich, Mike Mullen, Chris Simpson and Nick Anvelink

B-Main Winners were David Fieber and Jason Utter

George Scheffler Memorial
40 Laps
Feature Finish
1. 28M Jimmy Mars
2. 32 Chris Simpson
3. 74M Mitch McGrath
4. 25 Chad Simpson
5. 15A Nick Anvelink
6. 58 Dave Eckrich
7. 25J Jarrod Siefert
8. 10P Paul Parker
9. 1 Doug Blashe
10. 1F David Fieber
11. 77 Jordan Yaggy
12. 1MM Mike Mataragas
13. 3SW Brett Swedberg
14. 10S Taylor Scheffler
15. 25X Jason Feger
16. B1 Brent Larson
17. 27 J Derek Janke
18. 31 Jason Utter
19. 72 Justin Ritchie
20. 96T RC Whitwell
21. 6T Tony Peterson
22. 98 Jason Rauen
23. 29 Spencer Diercks
24. 99M Mike Mullen