Stovall Captures Second Win of Weekend with $5,000 payday at ACS




Thirty-nine drivers were on hand for the running of the Annual Ray Houck Liberty 50. Three lead changes took place during the main event. Once out front Jesse Stovall set a blistering pace to score the win. It was his second in the last three Corn Belt Clash Series visits to Adams County Speedway and earned the #00 team $5,000. It was also the second time to the winner's circle during the three-race swing as Stovall also captured the weekend opener at Park Jefferson Speedway on Thursday night.


"What a race car," exclaimed Stovall in ACS Victory Lane. "I just throw something different at it every night. This hot rod, I knew when I brought this thing here I'd have something to contend with."


Bill Leighton brought the field to the green flag from the pole, and nine time Adams County Speedway track champion Chris Spieker jumped out front. A couple of quick yellows early slowed the pace but once back underway, Kyle Berck dove underneath Spieker and took over control of the race.


A few laps later, Spieker and Berck made contact and opened the door for Stovall who never looked back. Third starting Earl Pearson Jr. fell back early, but rallied as the race wore on. Driving the Moring Motorsports #1, Pearson made it to second and closed the distance between he and Stovall late in the feature to less than one second at the finish.


Chris Spieker held on for third, with Friday's winner Kyle Berck fourth. Ryan Gustin made a late race pass on Billy Moyer to earn fifth.


Terry Phillips continues to ride at the top of the championship standings with a 28 point cushion over Ryan Gustin. Stovall's string of performances this season have shot him up to fourth in the current standings. Mechanical trouble cut his opening weekend short, but since then he has only finished outside of the top three once, with three wins to his credit.


A special thanks is also in order for Malvern Bank. They donated an additional $2,500 throughout the feature event purse.


The four qualifying heat races were won by Bill Leighton, Jason O'Brien, Earl Pearson Jr. and Kyle Berck.



A Feature (50 Laps): 1. Jesse Stovall 2. Earl Pearson Jr. 3. Chris Spieker 4. Kyle Berck 5. Ryan Gustin 6. Billy Moyer 7. Corey Zeitner 8. Bill Leighton 9. Terry Phillips 10. Jake O'Neil 11. Chad Simpson 12. Tony Jackson Jr. 13. RC Whitwell 14. Tad Pospisil 15. Brandon McCormick 16. Jason O'Brien 17. Jason Utter 18. Austin Siebert 19. Justin Asplin 20. Jeff Roth 21. Leroy Johnson 22. Dave Eckrich 23. Mark Rose 24. Denny Eckrich 25. Charlie McKenna 26. Jim Shereck 27. Brian Schutt 28. John Hample


B Feature #1 (12 Laps): 1. John Hample 2. Jim Shereck 3. Denny Eckrich 4. Scott Lewis 5. Dave Eckrich 6. Matt Buller 7. JC Wyman 8. Mark Rose 9. Chad Simpson 10. Sterling Perkins 11. Larry Ferris 12. Skip Frey


B Feature #2 (12 Laps): 1. Tad Pospisil 2. Brian Schutt 3. Charlie McKenna 4. Brian Kosiski 5. Austin Siebert 6. Paul Glendenning 7. Jeff Roth 8. Leroy Johnson 9. Randy Roth


Heat #1 (10 Laps): 1. Bill Leighton 2. RC Whitwell 3. Corey Zeitner 4. Jim Shereck 5. John Hample 6. Charlie McKenna 7. Paul Glendenning 8. Matt Buller 9. Larry Ferris 10. Skip Frey


Heat #2 (10 Laps): 1. Jason O'Brien 2. Chris Spieker 3. Jesse Stovall 4. Tony Jackson Jr. 5. Jason Utter 6. Scott Lewis 7. Dave Eckrich 8. Leroy Johnson 9. Randy Roth 10. Mike Stadel


Heat #3 (10 Laps): 1. Earl Pearson Jr. 2. Terry Phillips 3. Justin Asplin 4. Brandon McCormick 5. Tad Pospisil 6. Austin Siebert 7. Denny Eckrich 8. Sterling Perkins 9. Chad Simpson 10. JC Wyman


Heat #4 (10 Laps): 1. Kyle Berck 2. Ryan Gustin 3. Billy Moyer 4. Jake O'Neil 5. Brian Schutt 6. Mark Rose 7. Brian Kosiski 8. Jeff Roth 9. Spencer Diercks

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