Chad Simpson takes the checkers for the season opener!

With 130 cars in the pit area on a cool but sunny Saturday night 36 Corn Belt Clash Latemodels were on hand for the season opening event in 2010 on Gillund Enterprises,  Justice Brothers night at the speedway.  The first corner saw a three car pileup for the first and only caution of the 35 lap feature event.  With a complete restart Chad Simpson jumped out to the early lead with Chad Mahder close behind in second.   Dave Eckrich was in third with Adam Hensel in fourth early on.  With three completed Keith Foss was pressuring Hensel for fourth as Simpson had pulled out to a nice early lead.  Hensel held onto the fourth spot.  With six completed Eckrich was working Mahder over hard for the second spot while Kevin Sather and Jake Redetzke were side by side in sixth spot on Foss's rear bumper.  Simpson was using the high groove of the speedway with Mahder working the low groove on the smooth and fast racing surface.  With fifteen completed lapped traffic came into play.  With the lapped cars battling for position the leaders had to tip toe through the pack.  Simpson struggled to get through the first pack as Mahder caught up to his rear bumper.  Then Simpson cleared the cars and left Mahder to struggle through.  With eighteen down Sather worked into the top five.  Twenty laps down and Mahder still battled through the traffic allowing Eckrich and Hensel to catch up to his bumper.  Finally Mahder made it through the pack with Eckrich and Hensel now going door to door on the speedway.    Five laps later Hensel got in the right groove and worked past Eckrich who was being held up by traffic and took over the third spot.  With three laps to go Eckrich again tried to regain the third spot as he and Hensel ran side by side to the white flag.  At the line it was Simpson with the dominating win, Mahder, Hensel, Eckrich and Sather rounded out the top five.  Heat race winners were Keith Foss, Justin Sass, Adam Hensel and Chad Simpson with "B" main's going to Kyle Jumbeck and Cory Mahder.

Corn Belt Clash Late Models
Feature - Chad Simpson, Chad Mahder, Adam Hensel, Dave Eckrich, Kevin Sather, Jason Utter, Jake Redetzke, Chris Simpson, Keith Foss, Curt Martin, Eric Pember, Tim Isenberg, Kelly Anderson< Andrew McKay, Mike Prochnow, Kyle Jumbeck, Doug Herrick, Craig Schueffner, Jake Meier, Jerry Bloom, Chris Schroeder, Justin sass, Cory Mahder, Nick Beyenhof

"B" Main 1 - Jumbeck, Schueffner, McKay, Prochnow, Dennis Hillson, Roger Torgerson, Joe Ludemann, Jordan Yaggy, Nick Kramer, Justin Mitchell

"B" Main 2 - C. Mahder, D. Herrick, Beyenhof, Bloom, Brad Waits, Nick Herrick, Lanny Haukom, Curt Schroeder, Lucas Peterson, Ron Klein

Heat 1 - Foss, Anderson, Chr. Simpson, C. Martin, Jumbeck, Schueffner, Ludemann, Torgerson, Prochnow
Heat 2 - Sass, Redetzke, Sather, Utter, D. Herrick, C. Mahder, Beyenhof, Bloom, C. Schroeder
Heat 3 - Hensel, Eckrich, Meier, Pember, Mitchell, McKay, Yaggy, Hillson, Kramer
Heat 4 - Chad Simpson, C. Mahder, Isenberg, Ch. Schroeder, Haukom, Peterson, N. Herrick, Klein, Waits