Simpson is Two-For-Two with Victory at Mississippi Thunder Speedway

Chad Simpson seems to be the one to beat as he is two for two in the Corn Belt Clash this season.
From his row two starting position Chad darted low and to the lead with the wave of the green. Adam Hensel was in pursuit of Chad with Keith Foss in third. A caution early in the race put Hensel and Foss tight on Chad’s bumper but the restarts seemed to be the ticket for Chad as he shot off like a rocket and began to pull away again. Foss began to work the low line under Hensel but Hensel gave him a fight. Foss final found his spot and shot low to second just prior to another caution. Simpson yet again shot off with Foss looking to close the gap. Jake Redetzke had moved into the top four as Chris Simpson began to power through the field. It didn’t take long for Chad to work into lapped traffic which helped Foss and Chris start to close the gap on Chad. The lapped cars seemed to be the ticket as Foss had reeled in Chad but Chris wasn’t far behind Foss. A caution with 8 laps to go placed Foss and Chris right behind Chad and it looked to be a shoot out with the low groove the place to be. Chad took off Chris and Foss were back and forth for second giving Chad the chance to expand his lead. Two more cautions kept the field bunched but it was Chad Simpson who was able to hold on to the lead from the start to finish. Foss, Chris Simpson and Jason Rauen followed.

Feature – 1. Chad Simpson; 2. Keith Foss; 3. Chris Simpson; 4. Jason Rauen; 5. Jake Redetzke; 6. Justin kay; 7. Dave Eckrich; 8. Jake Meier; 9. Marshall Fegers; 10. Justin Mitchell; 11. Kevin Kile; 12. Jason Utter; 13. Eric Pember; 14. Brad Waits; 15. Lance Matthees; 16. Kurt Hile; 17. Darin Burco; 18. Todd Frank; 19. Adam Hensel; 20. Doug Herrick; 21. Nick Herrick; 22. Justin Gegers; 23. John Kaanta; 24. Justin Sass.

First B main – 1. Justin Sass; 2. Dave Eckrich; 3. Kurt Kile; 4. Kevin Kile; 5. Nick Herrick; 6. Brad Waits.

Second B Main – 1. John Kaanta; 2. Eric Pember; 3. Jason Utter; 4. Darin Burco; 5. Todd Frank; 6. Justin Mitchell.

Heat one – 1. Adam Hensel; 2. Justin Fegers; 3. Jason Rauen
Heat two – 1. Justin Kay; 2. Marshall Fegers; 3. Doug Herrick
Heat three – 1. Jake Redetzke; 2. Chad Simpson; 3. Keith Foss
Heat four – 1. Lance Metthees; 2. Chris Simpson; 3. Jake Meier

**Wisconsin Drivers in BOLD!!