Simpson dominates Cedar County Raceway and Goes Three-For-Three


A caution free Late Model feature highlighted the night at Cedar County Raceway. From his outside pole starting position Chad Simpson powered to the lead ahead of Terry Neal and never looked back to the wave of the checkers. Neal who fell into the second position started to feel the pressure from Dave Eckrich as Simpson began to pull away. Simpson had over a half a straight away on the second place car as he began to work into lapped traffic. The top five moved into a single file run expect for Eckrich who moved under Neal to try for the second position. Denny Eckrich began to move into the top five as 13th place starter Brian Harris was moving through the field. Kevin Sather was on the bumper of Jake Meier who was running fifth. Dave Eckrich shot low again on Neal and this time was able to move into the second position but had a lot of ground and lapped cars to battle through to reach Simpson. Harris began to move pass Sather and Meier and into the fifth position. The 35 laps seemed to fly by as no cautions let the field bunch up and Simpson used that to his advantage as he hit the checkers first, Dave Eckrich, Neal, Denny Eckrich, and Brian Harris followed.


1. Chad Simpson; 2.Dave Eckrich; 3. Terry Neal; 4. Denny Eckrich; 5. Brian Harris; 6. Kevin Sather; 7. Jason Utter; 8. Jake Meier; 9. Jeff Aikey; 10. Jason Rauen; 11. Chris Simpson; 12. Kurt Kile; 13. Andy Eckrich; 14. Justin Kay; 15. Kevin Kile; 16. Jake Redetzke; 17. Keith Foss; 18. Rob Moss; 19. Justin Mitchell; 20. Mike Fryer; 21. Mike Zemo Jr.; 22. Scott Reichers; 23. Nick Marolf; 24. Jeff Larson.

1. Kevin Kile; 2. Kurt Kile; 3. Andy Eckrich; 4. Jake Redetzke; 5. Justin Mitchell; 6. Mike Zemo Jr.; 7. Scott Reichers; 8. Rob Moss; 9. Mike Fryer.

Heat #1
1. Denny Eckrich; 2. Chris Simpson; 3. Justin Mitchell; 4. Dave Eckrich; 5. Brian Harris.

Heat #2
1. Jason Utter; 2. Jason Rauen; 3. Chad Simpson; 4. Keith Foss; 5. Justin Kay.

Heat #3
1. Nick Marolf; 2. Jeff Aikey; 3. Jake Meier; 4. Kevin Sather; 5. Rob Moss.

**Wisconsin Drivers in BOLD!!