Simpson Goes 4-for-4 at Dart Corn Belt Clash Series Events


It’s four races and four wins for Chad Simpson as he took home his fourth trophy in the Corn Belt Clash.

It was Jake Meier who started inside pole and looked to be the one to beat as cautions plagued the early portion of the race. Meier seemed to pull away from the field as Jason Rauen and Jeff Aikey were battling for second. As Chad Simpson began to put the pressure on Aikey the top four began to pull away from the rest of the field. Rauen had moved into the second position and started to reel in Meier. The top four began to become bumper to bumper just prior to the halfway point. With Aikey charging towards Rauen on the low line Rauen was working the upper groove as he spun out causing another caution that would began the challenge for a new leader. Upon the restart Meier now had Aikey and Simpson on his bumper. Simpson shot passed Meier and to the lead. Meier was now beside Aikey with Lance Matthees following. With three laps to go Simpson pulled away from the field as his brother Chris Simpson had moved through the field from his 17th place starting position into the top five. Aikey had second locked as Meier was now feeling the pressure from Chris. Chad took the checkers and his fourth consecutive win, Aikey, Meier and Chris Simpson followed.

Feature Results:
1. Chad Simpson; 2. Jeff Aikey; 3. Jake Meier; 4. Chris Simpson; 5. Lance Matthees; 6. John Kaanta; 7. Denny Eckrich; 8. Tyler Bruening; 9. Kurt Kile; 10. Jake Hartung; 11. Joe Ludemann; 12. Dennis Hillson; 13. Kelly Meyer; 14. Shae Wehrs; 15. Jason Rauen; 16. Roget Torgerson; 17. Justin Kay; 18. Jill George; 19. Keith Foss; 20. Rob Moss; 21. Lucas Peterson; 22. Jon Rogers; 23. Jason Utter; 24. Kevin Kile; 25. Eric Pember; 26. Dave Eckrich.