Matthees Stops The Simpson Streak at Five at Fayette County Speedway

Lance Matthees put a stop to Chad Simpson's hot streak as he took home the win at Fayette County Speedway. From the start of the race Matthees looked to be the one to beat as he pulled away from pole sitter Jake Meier. Adam Hensel quickly found himself in the third position as he moved into the high line of the track. Hensel took no time to move around Meier and into the second position. Lap nine was the only time the event saw the yellow fly as mid pack starter Chad Simpson now found himself behind Jeff Aikey into the fifth position. Scott Riechers who was in third now felt the pressure from Aikey and Simpson upon the restart.

Hensel now had Matthees in his sights. He began to reel him in and going into the corner he shot low and into the lead but Matthees wasn't going to give up that easy as he powered back to the top spot. The top two began to distance themselves from the field as they worked into lapped traffic just after the halfway point. Simpson had now worked his way into the fourth position with Riechers bumper in his view he moved into third with few laps remaining. The battle for the lead increased as Matthees took the top spot and began to pull away again but Hensel wasn't going to let Matthees get too far. The checkers were in the air saw Matthees first followed by Hensel, Simpson and Riechers.

Feature Results:
1. Lance Matthees; 2. Adam Hensel; 3. Chad Simpson; 4. Scott Riechers; 5. Jeff Aikey; 6. Jason Rauen; 7. Curt Martin; 8. Kevin Sather; 9. Chris Simpson; 10. Terry Neal; 11. Denny Eckrich; 12. Jake Meier; 13. Joel Callahan; 14. Jill George; 15. Tyler Bruening; 16. John Kaanta; 17. Kelly Meyer; 18. Justin Kay; 19. Darin Burco; 20. Dennis Hillson; 21. Kevin Kile; 22. Dave Eckrich; 23. Justin Mitchell; 24. Kurt Kile.