Rauen Tops Field at Independence


A solid field of cars were in attendance  at the Independence Motor Speedway Wednesday night, despite the scorching temperatures.        

Dave Eckrich started to advance himself from the field quickly but it was Jason Rauen who powered to the second spot within the first few laps of the race. The top two drivers quickly began to reel in the tail of the field as Rauen shot to the lead on lap ten. Jason Utter had moved into the third position with Terry Neal and Curt Martin right behind. At the halfway point Rauen had distanced himself from second place Eckrich as Utter was sitting solid in third. Martin was in fourth as Chad and Chris Simpson were side-by-side for the fifth position. One thing that Rauen didn’t want to see was a caution but with less then ten laps to go the final caution of the event took place. Rauen didn’t seem to be hurt by the restart as he pulled away from Eckrich and Utter. Utter used the restart to shoot pass Eckrich. Eckrich began slip back as Martin moved into fourth. The checkers quickly waved as Rauen took home the win. Utter, Martin with Chad and Chris Simpson following.

Feature Results: 1. Jason Rauen; 2. Jason Utter; 3. Curt Martin; 4. Chad Simpson; 5. Chris Simpson; 6. Dave Eckrich; 7. Kevin Kile; 8. Rick Wendling; 9. Jake Meier; 10. Terry Neal; 11. Justin Kay; 12. Jeremiah Hurst; 13. Tyler Bruening; 14. Joel Callahan; 15. Jill George; 16. Kurt Kile; 17. Kevin Sather; 18. Clint Wendel; 19. Travis Smock; 20. Joel Brasch; 21. Randy Wheeler; 22. Jeff Aikey.